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Full name: Javier Jomez


Phone: 87878789723

Detail: LA PRIMITIVA LOTTERY AWARD, MADRID SPAIN Your Reference: No: FU/578629K Congratulations! Your E-mail address has won With winning lucky number No:3 26 31 35 46 49, The results for the Internet users were released. This E-mail lottery was sponsored by International software organization, Your e-mail address was attached to the lucky number that was how your E-mail won the lump sum amount. Please contact your claims agent/legal office: Pedro Jose, to being your claims call:Tel:+34 672 520 003 and Fax:+34 91 272 50 79 Email:, Email: Yours Sincerely. Dr. Don Javier Jomez Reply To This Email: Reply To This Email: Phone: +34 672 520 000 President International Relations Department.

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